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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Rightway Insurance

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I am very happy with the way Rightway Insurance and its staff handled my recent auto claim.  The whole process was handled with great professionalism.  I appreciate your great customer service and was happy to be insured with a local agent–someone I knew and who knew me, when I needed help.
Jose D., Chicago, IL
Rightway Insurance makes my monthly insurance payments less of a hassle than I'm usually used to.  State minimum coverage is all I needed and that is exactly what I received.  None of the "extra coverages" and useless add ons - they basically cut my payments in half.
Raymond T., Lansing, IL

After shopping around with a few local agencies in the area, Rightway Insurance was able to beat the competition with the first quote they offered me.  You hear companies on tv that claim to save you money, but at the end of the day, Rightway was the only one to follow through with their promise.

Dave W., Burbank, IL
I switched my auto insurance with Rightway a few months ago.  They beat the price I was paying with 'the other guys' and showed me excellent customer service.  I was recently involved in an accident on my way home from work one night.  My car was in the shop the next day and I was back at work with the rental they gave me.  Auto insurance doesn't get any easier than that.  Thank you Infinity and Rightway Insurance.
Jessica C., Chicago, IL
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